Sunday, September 25, 2016

reflection on place and culture

My Home and culture are to very important aspects of my live for several reasons and examples. For example my home means a lot to me because it where I grew up with my family brothers and I feel comfortable. As this shows my home is my comfort zone I can be my self as well as I can be outside too but inside my home I have more freedom to be me. Another example is my culture my culture represents part of who I am and where my whole family is from . Culture is where you came from and your beliefs . This shows culture is very important key in life because it represents somewhat of who you are .  Last also culture can show art , areas around where that certain culture originated from . As you can see these are several reasons of why your home and culture has a positive impact to yourself.


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  3. Hello, my name is Jaafar, thanks for the informations you gave us about you and your culture. I share many ideas with you, i love playing football and video-games, i would also like to be a Doctor and my home represent for me the perfect place where i can feel confortable, i enjoyed reading your blog.