Friday, February 10, 2017

                                                                  My Favorite TV Series

    My favorite television series is Tom and Jerry which consisted of Jerry a mouse and Tom a cat. The two animals would constantly try to outwit each other by Tom the cat  trying to catch , Jerry the mouse and eat him. But somehow every time Jerry would somehow escape and either try to trick Tom or hurt him in someway to defend himself from being eaten. Tom would come up with some ideas and try to manipulate Tom with cheese or do something to get his attention but as I said Jerry was always one step ahead of him.  Also sometimes or if not mostly a bulldog who was very buff would appear and he would be minding his own business with his baby but tom would get to carried away with trying to catch Jerry that he would either disturb the bulldog or destroy his property. Which most of the times caused the bulldog to want to hit Tom or make him rebuild the damaged property. What interested me the most about Tom and Jerry was on how every episode it would be a different scene and or different disguise. 

The reason why Tom and Jerry was one of the best TV series because it was to make you laugh and enjoy it with your siblings. What I never understood about this television show was how you never heard any sound like the voice of Tom and Jerry . The only sound you ever heard were like the car sounds or like the breaking of things but nothing more. Another interesting thing was you never or rarely saw the faces of the owners of Tom and Jerry not that they are important but why not.  Also the evolution of the characters Tom and Jerry have changed since it started. For example you could tell if the episode was recent or one of  the older episode which I thought was amazing looking on how old that episode  

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Friday, October 21, 2016

There is several types of genres in the world my favorite type of music is rap because they usually reflect on a situation or people  also i love listing to dub step .   .  I don't really have a favorite rapper that I listen to the most but some that I listen too are tyga, post Malone. These are some good rappers you can check them out sometime it may be a little inappropriate for me to post a video but dubsteb ill show you a video of what kind of music he does   . Every rapper has his own style of writing depending on what they feel to write about basically there point of view. My favorite Dj for dubstep is Skrillex he makes cool sounds and is very famous for the genre dubstep.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

About me

 Hi my name is Joan Patino , I'm 15 years old and I was born in San Francisco , California . I have 1 brother and 3 sisters I'm the second youngest of all . I have several hobbies that include are videogames and soccer . Soccer is my favorite sport I remember playing the sport since I was about 6 or 7 years old on a soccer team  and fell in love with the sport ever since. Also I'm an outgoing person I like to interact with people and adventure new places. My parents were born in Mexico so I'm part Mexican , I speak two languages. Also my future career is a doctor because I want to help the people who need help because I would want to be helped if I needed it . As you can see these are several things about me and my life.

reflection on place and culture

My Home and culture are to very important aspects of my live for several reasons and examples. For example my home means a lot to me because it where I grew up with my family brothers and I feel comfortable. As this shows my home is my comfort zone I can be my self as well as I can be outside too but inside my home I have more freedom to be me. Another example is my culture my culture represents part of who I am and where my whole family is from . Culture is where you came from and your beliefs . This shows culture is very important key in life because it represents somewhat of who you are .  Last also culture can show art , areas around where that certain culture originated from . As you can see these are several reasons of why your home and culture has a positive impact to yourself.